Square RoseWood Box

Dashing and colorful. Swirling colors ranging from reddish-tan to deep indigo. RJ Fine Woodworking parent company of The Tissue Box Cover Store has been making custom handcrafted furniture for over 20 yrs. in addition to creating these unique art pieces for The Tissue Box Cover Store for the past 7 years.

If you read some of our competitors product reviews, you will often find complainants that the tissue do not fit the covers. Ours tissue box covers are made to fit US brands, Kleenex, Puffs and most generic brands. Inside dimensions are 4 3/8 inches wide x 4 5/8 inches long x 5 3/8 inches high. Please check your box measurements.

Date: 02:25 AM - ноември 22, 2018

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Project Overview

You don’t need expensive ornaments to make your house look more fashionable.

Back in 1989, the first time I got on the Internet, at that time I was still pretty young. I didn’t go to college so I had to find a stable job for myself. I never found what I was into and what I could do well for a living. I tried and got rejected so many times.

Google and Facebook weren’t even around as well at that time. One day in 1999, I suddenly had this idea of creating a website that introduce my handmade projects, providing not only handcraft lessons but also selling stuff to earn some money for myself.

Then I got to learn about how to start a website on my own. I created a website called leartshandmade.com. I spent years developing it, teaching HTML to myself, networking with in-field professionals, and growing it into a profitable business.

Throughout the years, I cooperated with plenty of craft companies to grow my website. I had worked as the craft expert for Miimo Studio (miimo.thememove.com), and created fun crafts for kids from 2009-2016. Also, I have self-published many online magazines, including ForHer.mag.com, LiveLife.com & ForEverYoung.net.